Lillaz – Levure (Chandelle)

Lillaz – Levure (Chandelle)
La gita
3 03/02/2007
Condizioni ghiaccio
Both candels are in good conditions, the rest thin
Tipo ghiaccio
Solid and plastic at the key pitches

L1 + L2 – Mixed climbing with thin ice sections, nuts can be useful

Snowscrambling, some mixed and final section with ice until the stand before the first candel.

L3 – First candel in quite good condition, you need to go to the left of it and offers a good resting place before the exit.

Ice gully with snow until the final candel in good condition

L4 – Final candel in good condition with nice hooking possibilites.

We give the route in this condition a value of ***** in satisfaction.

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