Chianale – Valeria (Cascata)

Chianale – Valeria (Cascata)
La gita
3 27/01/2007
Condizioni ghiaccio
In good condition with some snow
Tipo ghiaccio
Solid but worked

L1 – A vertical section with two possible ways up, either left or right, and two groups can start at the same time. There is a stand directly to the right, but continue stright up to a tree where there is possible to make a stand. In good condition

Easy ice/snow scrambling to the right and you arrive to a veritical section with a stand to the left below a block. About 30 cm of fresh snow in the gully.

L2 – Vertical section was in good condition but worked and you could hook yourself up all the way. There is a spit on top under a block for more security, but the stand is further up with a passage of not the best ice.

tarantanius did enjoy the nomic action 🙂

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