Valletta (Cima della) – Serena valley

Valletta (Cima della) – Serena valley

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- Timing: 3h15’ up
- Best season: November to March
- Aspect of the descent: NW
- Ascent length: 4.900m

A highly technical route, for genuine ski mountaineers

Pointe Valletta is a pretty summit that separates three valleys: Sereina, Vertosan and the Citrin coombe. It is one of the highest peaks on the S of the Coumba Freida. The approach is somewhat varied and takes place in the Sereina valley first, then it goes via the N face of the Costa of Corléans and it goes beyond the steep final slopes of the Col de Clochotte and the Pointe Valletta.
Rarely undertaken climbing up, this route is often done in traverse coming from the Citrin valley.
The descent is made via your uptrack, although you may drop down directly via more complex routes. Its N, NW aspect makes this outing an interesting one: it’s often powder galore, although this means expecting sub-zero temperatures.
With an overall really high difficulty, especially if you drop down the couloir to Farettes, this route is intended for good/very good skiers.
From the top, expect inspiring views on all the Aosta Valley peaks.
From the motorway exit Aosta Est, take the tunnel leading to the Grand Saint Bernard valley, then follow it and go beyond the hamlets of Gignod, Etroubles and Saint-Oyen. Leave the road going up to the Grand Saint Bernard pass to the right and keep going on the state road E27 until you find the exit for the resort of Crévacol to the right. Continue for about 500m until you reach the big car park: leave the car on its west side.

Head due west going under the flyover of the Grand Saint Bernard tunnel and, following the track of the forestry road, climb the first shallow slope. Cross the Belle Combe stream and reach the hamlets of Farettes and Ponty and then, flanking the woods, the one of Eteley. Turn left and run alongside the wood edge, as the slope gets steeper. Climb the bare slope, crossed by the forest road several times and then reach the hamlets of Arp du Bois dessous (1950m). Leave the farmhouses to the right and continue on a somewhat flat stretch, then veer left on the edge of the thinned out wood. Climb on the “ArĂȘte” side, following a discreet gradient as far as 2.200 m, where it shallows out slightly. After a short plateau, continue on a discreetly steep slope towards the rugged N face of the Pointe Valletta. Go over a hump and then reach another plateau; halfway up the hill go round the shoulder of the Pointe Valletta and then climb up the steep couloir that leads to the Col Clochotte central (2631m). For the last section, leave the main valley and climb up another couloir to reach the arĂȘte. Once on it, swerve right and climb up the NE arĂȘte: although it is somewhat steep, if the snow conditions are good, this is your best option to reach the top (2.803m).  

Make the descent following your skin track compulsorily until the first plateau, then you may have several choices: either you follow the uptrack until the trailhead or go to the central part of the Sereina Valley and then proceed with the classic descent, freely until the car park.

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