Ski touring in the
Gran San Bernardo

40 ski touring routes in the valleys of the Gran San Bernardo between Valle d'Aosta and Valais. A place to find great snow, welcoming facilities and exquisite professionals.

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The APP contains all the information on the main itineraries in the region (33 for the Aosta Valley and 14 for Valais and the existing tourist services.)

A detailed description of each route is available, as well as the route on the map outlining level curves and the representation of the terrain gradient. The contents are available in five languages.

Ski touring routes and more

SKIALP is project that offers services, innovative, overarching actions aimed at promotion linked to ski touring activities. Given the geographic and infrastructural proximity of the two regions, this project reinforces cross-border collaborations, favouring and enhancing the creation and development of SME, as well as tourism exchange in coherence with the already mentioned cooperation projects, fostering the deployment of technical know-how that may be subsequently acquired by other alpine regions. In this context, keywords are the diversification of tourism activities, opportunities for a new tourist product, drive towards change, development of a durable product, and the direct involvement of tour operators.


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