Hotel Ristorante Suisse

Hotel Ristorante Suisse

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Via Roma 26 - Saint-rhemy-en-bosses


Hotel Suisse, a small and wonderful hotel-restaurant, is located in the medieval district; it was recently stylishly renovated, with each of the splendid rooms different from the other. The choice of furnishings, part of which are original pieces from the ancient inn, create an atmosphere of a certain age.This accommodation is “Friend of the Via Francigena” and can offer special services to those who are traveling along this itinerary

The dining room still maintains the charm of the old inn.The Chef uses innovative and modern cooking techniques which allows him to use less fat and salt, bringing out the genuine flavors of the food.We gather the mountain herbs ourselves.We make bread, pastas and desserts.The essential and quality wine list has a selection of classic doc labelled wines and doc labelled Valdostan, Piedmontese and national wines.

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