Crévacol (Tête de) South side

Crévacol (Tête de) South side

Vertical drop (m)
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- Timing: 2h35’
- Best season: November to March
- Aspect of the descent: S
- Ascent length: 3.660m

A good idea for the beginning of the ski touring season

The Tête Crévacol is a pretty snowy dome that overlooks the ski resort bearing the same name. Discreetly panoramic, it offers an inspiring vantage point on the superb Coumba Freida, with superb glimpses on the imposing Grand Crêton rampart. This route goes up the south face from its left side via Merdeux dessous; you will avoid the ski area and, after an initial, discreetly steep section, the final part follows the gentle slopes of the hollows and hillocks: pick your track and you’re in for a treat. A bivouac belonging to the forest rangers and dedicated to Leopoldo Deffeyes is on top.
From the col, dramatic views of the valleys to the S – Serena, Citrin and Flassin - and the crown of summits that surround the nearby Grand Saint Bernard Col can be enjoyed.
From the motorway exit Aosta Est, take the tunnel leading to the Grand Saint Bernard valley, then follow it and go beyond the hamlets of Gignod, Etroubles and Saint-Oyen. Leave the road going up to the Grand Saint Bernard pass to the right and keep going on the state road E27 until you find the exit for the resort of Crévacol to the right. Keep going for about 500m until you reach the big car park: leave the car on its west side.

From the parking space, head NW and go under the Grand Saint Bernard tunnel viaduct. Following the tracks, start climbing the slopes as far as the Merdeux dessous mountain pastures. Keep climbing and reach the forestry road that you will follow to the right for a few hundred metres and then climb some nice slopes to the left. Climb freely and reach the large ridge that descends from the summit: follow it until you reach the top. As you climb up, you’ll slowly profit from inspiring views nearby, especially on the Grand Crêton slope, extremely evocative when snowfall is vast. The slopes shallow out as you reach the top and Grand Golliat appears on the horizon – an imposing three thousand-metre peak that cannot be seen from the valley floor. Go up the last slopes until you can see the rocky structure of the forestry ranger bivouac on top of the Tête de Crévacol (2.605m). 

Make the descent via your skin track directly to the trailhead, or go via the groomed slopes and back to the car park via Arp de Jeux.

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