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North Ghost Valley The Sorcerer - Ghost River road (Division No. 15)Nord III/507/03/20
Waiparous Valley Hydrophobia (Cascata) - Canmore (Division No. 15)Est IV/5+05/03/20
Weeping Wall (Cascate) - Lake Louise (Division No. 15)Nord IV/604/03/20
Kananaskis Park Red Man Soars (Division No. 15)Ovest IV/4+/M502/03/20
Murchison (Mount) Murchison Falls - Lake Louise (Division No. 15)Nord-Ovest III/501/03/20
Murchison (Mount) But, my daddy's a psycho! (Division No. 15)Nord-Ovest III/5+01/03/20
Ghost valley, Devils gap Aquarius - Canmore (Division No. 15)Sud-Ovest III/428/02/20
Ghost valley, Devils gap Rainbow serpent - Canmore (Division No. 15)Sud-Ovest III/628/02/20
Kananaskis Trail-Highway 40 Amadeus (Division No. 15)Nord-Ovest III/4+/M530/11/18
Ghost Valley Candle Stick Maker (Division No. 15)Sud-Est III/529/11/18
Ghost Valley Anorexia Nervosa (Cascata) (Division No. 15)Ovest III/423/11/18
Dream On (Cascata) - eagle lake trail (Division No. 15)Sud III/417/02/17
Ghost valley, Devils gap Malignant Mushroom (Cascata) - Canmore (Division No. 15)Nord-Ovest II/505/02/17
Jasper, Maligne Canyon - Jasper (Division No. 15)Nord I/431/01/17
Ghost valley Weithering heights - Ghost valley (Division No. 15)Sud-Ovest III/406/03/16
Icefild parkway Shade of beauty - strada icefild parkway (Division No. 15)Nord-Ovest III/405/03/16
Banff Wicked wanda - gosth valley (Division No. 15)Nord-Ovest III/4+03/03/16
Bourgeau falls - Sunshine Village ski area, Banff (Division No. 15)Sud-Est IV/512/03/12
Johnston Canyon - Banff (Division No. 15)Est I/509/03/12

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