Rodzo (Mont)

Rodzo (Mont)

Vertical drop (m)
Starting altitude (m)
Top/Max altitude (m)
Ski grade
Route type
Wide slopes

Start point Support point

- Timing: 2h30’ up
- Best season: November to March
- Aspect of the descent: N-E
- Ascent length: 5.000m

In the presence of the Grand-Saint-Bernard Col

Mont Rodzo is the highest summit of the CÎte des Ollines, a rocky spur on the long Leisache-Crévacol ridge. Rock-strewn and surly on its S face, where it looks out onto the Thoules Valley, its N face is more enticing, as its snow conditions are decidedly better there. Discreetly panoramic, it offers interesting views on the Aiguille des Sasses, Mont Fourchon and the nearby Grand Saint Bernard col.
This route goes via the N face, its trailhead shortly above Saint-Rhémy. Apart from the last stretch where it becomes really steep, the ascent is not particularly difficult and its aspect means the snowpack is good for most of the season.
Make the descent via the same face, freely.
From the motorway exit Aosta Est, take the tunnel leading to the Grand Saint Bernard valley, then follow it and go beyond the hamlets of Gignod, Etroubles and Saint-Oyen. Turn right shortly before Bosses and take the state road 27 leading to the Grand Saint Bernard Col. Drive past Saint-Rhémy and, after 1,3 km, you will reach the place where the road is not cleared from snow during the winter months. Park in the nearby spaces.

Follow the snowy road closely as far as the plateau where you cross the Gran Saint Bernard stream. Once you have traversed it and are on the bridge, turn right and follow a shallow forestry road that runs alongside the hamlets of La Tuette (1778m) and, shortly afterwards, goes underneath the Tunnel viaduct. After the viaduct, turn left and start climbing amid well-spaced larches. Cross the road to the col again and then climb the slope with thinned-out larches; with a series of kick-turns you will reach the track leading to Praz Dzentor (1.926m). Proceed cutting the hairpin bends and then reach a slight plateau just outside the wood, at 2.050m. Carry on climbing freely SW with a long diagonal halfway up the hill, following the sinuosity of the slope and aiming at the summit. Turn left around 2.400m towards the ridge, aiming at a small peak just below the main summit. Once you have reached the ridge, proceed with the steep final stretch and then reach the scanty cairn on the summit (2.637m). The final stretch is often battered by winds and you may well need to walk to the top.

Make the descent freely via your skin track. You can pack in some good laps in the first part of the descent, making the most of the face overlooking the Grand Saint Bernard col. From Praz Dzentor onwards, your best bet is to follow the uptrack.

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