Chaligne (Pointe de)

Chaligne (Pointe de)

Vertical drop (m)
Starting altitude (m)
Top/Max altitude (m)
Ski grade
Route type
Wide slopes

Start point Support point

- Timing: 3h30’ up
- Best season: November to March
- Aspect of the descent: E
- Ascent length: 5.100m

On the slopes of the mountain of Aosta

Pointe de Chaligne dominates the city of Aosta and it’s the first summit one meets on the right bank when going up the Grand Saint Bernard Valley. Its proximity to Aosta has made it a discreetly popular destination.
This route faces E and the sun shines from early in the morning; for this reason you will need to carefully assess the snow conditions, especially in the last section before the summit.
The view from the top is extremely scenic, offering a 360° view on the main summits in the region, including unusual glimpses on the Matterhorn.
Should the snow not be enough at the trailhead, choose a higher altitude start, following the road that leads to the car park of the Chaligne Hut, accessible by car, reducing the elevation gain.
The pleasant return is freely via your uptrack.
The route is ranked GS and is mostly an easy one; considering the steepness and the avalanche risk in the last section, it should nonetheless be tackled with care.
From the motorway exit Aosta Est, take the tunnel leading to the Grand Saint Bernard valley, then follow it and go beyond the hamlet of Gignod.
After about 3 km, turn left and follow the indications for Buthier; keep going for another 2,7 km on the municipal road and then reach the hamlet of Gorrey. Turn left, go down the small road for about 100m and then park the car.

Follow the summer, tree-lined bridleway. Climb up the slope and turn left to go up a shallow wooded strip. Once out of the wood, reach the meadows underneath the Besenval pasture (1.578m) that can be attained if you keep to the side of the wood. Carry on in the same direction, leaving the two Arolla pastures to the left and then merge on the gentle slopes before the Chaligne Hut (1.932m).
Go past the hut and climb up the wood, your direction SW as far as it thins out, quickly reaching a plateau called Plan du Débat. Swerve left and reach the W shoulder descending from the Pointe de Chaligne: if the snow conditions are good, crab W as far as a wide final ridge that leads to the summit (2.607m), where you will find a metal cross. If the snow conditions are not good enough, it is advisable to stop at the shoulder.

Make the descent freely via your uptrack.
From the top, descend the plateau as far as Plan du Debat, picking your favourite line. Cross the wood, barely leaving the uptrack. The end part is on the pastures, following many hillocks that grant an exciting ending.

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