Col Fenêtre Circular

Col Fenêtre Circular

Vertical drop (m)
Starting altitude (m)
Top/Max altitude (m)
Ski grade
Route type
Steep slopes

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- Timing: 2h00’ up
- Best season: end May- beginning of June when the road is open
- Aspect of the descent: N-E in the first descent and S in the final one
- Ascent length: 2.770m

A short ski tour on the border cols between Italy and Switzerland

A truly interesting end-of-season tour that allows you to cross over to Switzerland via the Fenêtre de Ferret. This is a short ski tour along a partially circular route that reaches a discreetly panoramic summit, the Tête de Ferret. You’ll climb up the Fenêtre face and then reach the Tête de Fenêtre, from which glimpses on the facing Mont Dolent are sublime. The descent to the lakes underneath is easy and enjoyable, as is the subsequent climb to the Fenetre d’en Haut, from which you can reach the Tête de Fonteinte in about ten minutes. The final descent is pleasant and enjoyable.
From the motorway exit Aosta Est, take the tunnel leading to the Grand Saint Bernard valley, then follow it and go beyond the hamlets of Gignod, Etroubles and Saint-Oyen. Turn right shortly before Bosses and take the state road 27 leading to the Grand Saint Bernard Col. Drive past Saint-Rhémy and reach the small car park below the Baou pasture.

Climb up to the alpine pasture and then follow the bottom of the valley as far as the wide basin below the col. Continue towards the “Fenêtre” following the sinuosity of the terrain, its gradient slowly increasing; veer left without reaching the col and climb up the pleasant slopes that lead to the ridge. Continue to the left and climb the final ridge that leads to the Tête de Ferret (2823m) via a steep section.

Once you have reached the top, the first descent can take place, initially towards the col and then towards the ample basin of the Lacs de Fenêtre. Once you are at the lake – that can only be seen at the end of the season – skin up again, heading S towards the Fenêtre d’en Haut, that can be viewed to the left of the Tête de Fonteinte.

Once at the col, at 2.723m, (eventually climb up to the Tête de Fonteinte to the right in a few minutes), carry on following the first slope and then head left, gaining the Baou pasture freely.

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