Cordellaz (Tête)

Cordellaz (Tête)

Vertical drop (m)
Starting altitude (m)
Top/Max altitude (m)
Ski grade
Route type
Wide slopes

Start point
- Timing: 3h30’ up
- Best season: November to mid April
- Aspect of the descent: SE and then N
- Ascent length: 6.500m

Searching for the most lappable descent in the Flassin valley

Tête Cordellaz is a rounded peak at the end of the fabulous Flassin Combe that divides the orographic basins of the Flassin and Citrin valleys. A truly panoramic summit, it offers sensational views on the Mont Blanc massif and the portion of Pennine Alps that begins with the Coumba Freida – Cold Coombe.
This route goes along the Flassin valley and then veers slightly right towards the saddle that separates Mont Flassin from the Tête Cordellaz and climbs up the short ridge that anticipates the top.
The descent is made on the same face with several options.
The itinerary is rated IMS and an adequate technical and physical training are required. As an alternative to the couloir, you may follow the Mont Flassin route as far as the big ridge and then reach the Tête Cordellaz via a flat track.
From the motorway exit Aosta Est, take the tunnel leading to the Grand Saint Bernard valley, then follow it and go beyond the hamlets of Gignod and Etroubles. Leave the state road E27 at Saint-Oyen by turning left before the houses, then follow the sign “Flassin-Cerisey”. Keep going for about 2km until you reach the car park of the Foyer du fond in Flassin.

From the car park, head SW and climb the snowy pastures, leaving the ski lift to the left, aiming to reach the houses of Rond on the edge of the wood. Keep going along shallow slopes and enter the valley, keeping to its orographic left side, before crossing the gentle stream shortly before the Flassin Dessous mountain pasture. Keep climbing freely, mainly following the summer bridleway, passing the Flassin du milieu farmhouses and entering the valley that slowly opens onto the superb Flassin coombe. Reach a flat stretch with a view to the Tsa de Flassin (2.250m) that is reached by climbing a short slope. Leave the mountain pastures to the left and carry on towards the hollow between Mont Flassin and your destination, climbing the steep couloir until you reach the ridge that separates it from the Citrin Valley. Turn right and go along the wide, gentle ridge as far as the top of Tête Cordellaz (2.663m).

Make the descent freely via your skin track as far as the trailhead.
The first descent stretch sees two options, to be assessed according to the snow conditions and your skills: both will merge onto the uptrack. The final stretch is on the forestry road of the ascent, usually well tracked out because of the many enthusiasts who come to this area.

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